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Bypass Rotameter

Bypass Rotameter,Manufacturers Bypass RotameterHaving decades of experience, we are a reputed manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in India of Bypass Rotameter. It is available for line sizes 2" and above. The complete assembly consists of an Orifice plate, Carrier Ring/Flanges of the main pipe line, bypass piping with isolation valve and fittings, range orifice and the Rotameter. The Orifice calculations and design is bases on IS or BS standard.
Bypass Rotameter is the most economical solution for flow measurement in large pipe lines and for large rate of flow but the use is limited to solid particles and slurries that tend to clog the range orifice and may result in malfunctioning.

Features of Bypass Rotameter

  • SS304/ SS316 Orifice plate
  • CS/Forged and SS Carrier Rings/Flanges
  • Accuracy +/-2% of full flow
  • Also available without main line flanges
  • Optional alarms and 4-20 mA output

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