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Float Level Switch (Balloon Type)

Float Level Switch (Balloon Type),Manufacturers Float Level Switch (Balloon Type)It is simple, reliable, economical, long life and maintenance free. The body is made of non-toxic material so it can be used for level switching from drinking water to sewage. The switch consists of a PP (copolymer) float, freely suspended with a cable at a Desired level. A micro switch along with a steel ball are enclosed within the casing of PP Float. The float tilts upwards at an angle corresponding to a rise in liquid level. It causes the ball to move and operate a micro switch. This in turn can actuates an auxiliary device like alarm, solenoid valve, pump etc. The switch differential (dist, between switch on-off) is adjustable with a counter weight along the cable length upto a maximum of 500 mm. It can be flange mounted from tank top. A single switch can be used to control two levels - Low and High.
  • Simple, reliable, economical, long life and maintenance free.
  • 3 to 15 Mtrs. Cable Length with adjustable counter weight
  • Non Toxic Polypropylene float
  • Micro Switch operated with 5A, OR 15A, 220 VAC rating
  • -20 - 80o C working temperature.
  • 5 Bar Max. Pressure
  • Neoprene/PVC Cable
  • 0.8 min Sp. Gravity of fluid
  • Can be glange mounted from top of tank
Technical Specifications:
  • Cable Length : 3 to 15 Mtrs.
  • Float : Non Toxic Polypropylene
  • Contact Type : Micro Switch (SPDT) with NO and NC Contact
  • Contact Rating : 5A, OR 15 A, 220 V AC
  • Operating Temperature : - 20 to 80 Deg C
  • Maximum Pressure : 5 bar
  • Cable Material : PVC Or Neoprene
  • Liquid Sp. Gr : Min 0.8

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