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With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Veksler Engineering is today is a leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India of various types of Level Switch and other process control equipment. We manufacture various types of Level Switch for process industry including Displacer Level Switch, Float Level Switch, RF type Level Switch, Magnetic Float Level Switch etc.

Just as a level gauge is used to measure the level of liquid, level switch is also used to detect the level of liquid but it can also switch on or off a pump, an alarm or indicator or perform other task on other devices. Level Switch offers many advantages which makes it an important device in many industry including process control. One primary advantage is that it can make a process completely automatic without human intervention and hence can be very useful in performing various tasks and in controlling costs.

Our Level Switch are manufactured using high quality raw materials and components and hence are sturdy and durable and perform smoothly even in extreme conditions and gives accurate reading and perform the tasks as required. The USP of our Level Gauge is high quality and most competitive price. For further information, please send us an inquiry or contact us at the details given below.

It is an economical, maintenance free and a very reliable device used for high, low or intermediate point level switching. It is ideal for tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms and where insertion depths of top mounted models are exceeded. The construction is compact & rugged with a free moving pivoted float assembly. The Switch assembly is mounted in a non-magnetic material to achieve undisturb
Side Mounted Level Switch, Side Mounted Level Switch Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Top Mounted Level Switch (TLS-19)

The VEKSLER Top Mounted Level Switches (TLS-19) is highly reliable and a low cost instrument. It can be used for small tanks as well as large vessels depending upon individual customer's requirement.

Top Mounted Level Switch, Top Mounted Level Switch Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

These Switches are the most versatile for level control and have advantages over float type switches in the control of agitated liquids paints-varnishes & heavy oil and foaming liquids. The Displacer weight is heavier than the liquid which is suspended by a spring. When the liquid rises the displacer looses the weight, this causes the spring to retract slightly to a new equilibrium position. This
Displacer Level Switch, Displacer Level Switch Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

  • Suitable for wide range of fluids from clear water to hazardous chemicals
  • It can be used for single point level sensing
  • SS 304 / SS 316 / SS 316L / PP Ball Type Floats
  • ideal for high temperature (250 Deg C) and pressure (20 Bar) applications
  • MS still pipe as std and SS 304 / SS 316 on demand
  • Pressure Die-Cast Alum
Top Mounted Float Level Switch, Top Mounted Float Level Switch Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

RF (Radio Frequency) Level Sensors are designed considering characteristics and behavior of different materials - Solids (in their granular form), Fluids and Liquids. The important conditions that are taken into consideration include: Coating, Temperature, Suspended particles and mechanical damage.
RF (Radio Frequency) type Level Switch, RF (Radio Frequency) type Level Switch Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

It is used for continuous level indication and control for any liquid that is chemically compatible with its wetted parts. It has an accuracy upto 0.5% FSD and can be used upto 90 deg C temp. & 20 kg/cm2 pressure. The maximum length that can be supplied is 3 meters. It is available in different material of construction like SS304, SS316, PVC and PP & with different Float sizes. The enclosure is IP
Magnetic Float Operated Guided Level Transmitter, Magnetic Float Operated Guided Level Transmitter Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

It is simple, reliable, economical, long life and maintenance free. The body is made of non-toxic material so it can be used for level switching from drinking water to sewage. The switch consists of a PP (copolymer) float, freely suspended with a cable at a Desired level. A micro switch along with a steel ball are enclosed within the casing of PP Float. The float tilts upwards at an angle correspo
Float Level Switch (Balloon Type), Float Level Switch (Balloon Type) Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Veksler offers conductivity type liquid level controller, Model CLC-19 with maximum range 10 m. This is used for reliable single/multiple level switching, of conductive liquids in various viscosities up to 200oC temperature and 20 Kg/cm2 pressure. It is available in different material of construction like MS, SS 316, SS 304, rubber/PTFE lined and enclosure protection like IP56/IP 65/Ex-proof Gr II
Conductivity Type Liquid Level Controller, Conductivity Type Liquid Level Controller Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

Mini Level Switches (FLS-19)

Veksler offers various types of miniature level switches. These are very low in cost but still have high reliability with fast and easy installation. These are best suited for use in restricted areas where approach is limited. Miniature Level Switches are

Mini Level Switches, Mini Level Switches Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

  • Best for turbulent applications as the switching differential is more
  • Suitable for internal mounting through the side of tank
  • SS 304/ SS316 / SS 316L Monnel Ball Type Floats
  • Micro Switch operated by a magnetic attraction sleeve linked by a rod to the SS float
  • Typical applications include condensate, oil and viscous fluids
  • Available for very high pressure upto 100
Side Mounted (Magnetic) Float Level Switch, Side Mounted (Magnetic) Float Level Switch Manufacturers, Suppliers in India

  • Flow / No Flow
  • Brass/Stainless Steel Blade
  • Available for 0.15 to 170 m3/hr Flow of water
  • Temp 85oC (max)
  • Pressure 30 Bar (max)
  • Screwed / Flanged Connection
  • SPDT/DPDT Micro Switch
  • Corrossion resistant construction

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